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Ingen Grenser 2013


The third season of the tv-show “Ingen Grenser” was recorded in the rugged western part of Norway in June and July 2013. 11 persons with a wide range of different physical disabilities travel on a 30 days long challenging expedition in the in the Norwegian wilderness. The different locations included fjords, steep mountains, mountain plateaus and glaciers.


“Storm Adventures” with Rune Malterud and Stian Aker was employed by "Mastiff entertainment" to be in charge of security and field logistics for the production/expedition. In the pre-production period they took active part in planning the expedition route, choosing the right clothing and equipment for the participants and the crew and preparing the medical support.


Together with managers from “Mastiff entertainment” Malterud and Aker took part in the daily planning of the different stages of the expedition, and they did on sight risk assessments regarding the need of securing the participants in dangerous parts of the trail, hazardous weather conditions and how the different elements of the expedition could be conducted. “Storm Adventures” and their crew were also responsible for transporting production equipment from one camp to another.


Storm Adventures conducted their tasks to our complete satisfaction. Different challenges where met with, and solved, in a professional manner, and the cooperation with Mastiff crew members was very good. We do also want to highlight the personal characteristics of both Malterud and Aker. They are both easygoing and highly professional in their work, and they always stretch to their limits to solve any challenges the production faces.

“Mastiff entertainment” highly recommend “Storm Adventures” as a partner regarding challenging tv-productions and expeditions.


Vebjørn Ytreberg


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