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Walking with the Wounded, North pole and South pole


I first met Rune and Stian in 2008/09, when we all went to the South Pole together, me to film a race to the pole and Rune and Stian to participate in that race. They went onto to win it and we made a 5 part series for BBC and international broadcasters. It was the start of an incredible working and friendly relationship. Since then they have assisted me and my film crews on numerous occasions in Norway, Svalbard, South Africa, UK, and on 2 more polar trips, one to the North Pole in 2011 and again to the Antarctica in 2013, making high profile, prime-time documentaries for BBC, ITV, NBC and other International broadcasters. They are consummate professionals, tireless workers, the safest and most experienced, sensible pair of hands you could ever hope to work with. I CANNOT recommend them highly enough and would work with them any chance I can. I have already booked them to help on a new upcoming production in Siberia at the end of this year.



Alexis Girardet

Series Producer


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