The Amazing Race 2

Storm Adventures AS had the roll as planner, safety consultants and country producers. This meant that we were in charge of the reconnaissance and consulting the production company Rubicon on the safety issues. As country producers we were creating all the tasks for the race together with being responsible for all the logistics and coordinating the race in general.


Storm Adventures AS had in total three teams consisting of two men on each team for this job. We divided the countries between us and “frog leaped” from country to country so we could be able to do it in an effective way. Storm Adventures AS ran the planning and logistics in six different countries. The countries we were in, was Norway, South Africa, Namibia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. In these countries we visited a variety of places which included everything from the slums of South Africa to the favela in Brazil or the sunny coast of Chile.


This job is a very complex job in relation to project management.


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