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Stian Aker


Stian boasts 7 years in the Norwegian Armed Forces in Norway, and has been involved in a succession of peace-keeping operations around the world. He was a member of the winning team in the Amundsen Omega 3 South Pole Race 2009. Stian has worked with safety, logistics, guiding and planning on numerous projects and is also an educated Agronomist who has dedicated his life to all forms of outdoor activity, whatever the season.

Rune Malterud


Physiotherapist, Rune Malterud served five years in the Telemark batalion both in Norway and abroad. He has significant experience coordinating and managing safety and logistics for television and film productions and was also the winner of the Amundsen Omega3 South Pole Race 2009. He specialises in guiding in the Polar regions and across mountainous terrain and has particular knowledge and interest in nature, with an enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Our Crew

Arne Wilhelm Gericke


Arne Wilhelm works as a Consultant at the department of Anaesthesiology, division of emergency and critical care medicine, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.

His Interests: Trekking, skiing and kiting.

Working for Storm Adventures since 2013.

Carl Henrik Hjerkinn Aarnæs


Medical Doctor, Specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

Works as a Senior Consultant at Bærum Hospital.

Special interests in Tropical Medicine and Expedition Medicine.

Besides his indoor job, he is a keen outdoorsman, interested in close to all backcountry sports.

Often seen on a trailbike, or on touring skis.

Working for Storm Adventures since 2011.



Knut Horvei


Knut is raised and born at the west coast of Norway at a place called Voss. Knut is certified glacier guide by NF (Norsk fjellsportforum) and works as a mountain guide all year. He guides in the Norwegian mountains, but also abroad. He has a bachelor degree in outdoor activities and a background from the Norwegian armed forces. In the summer season Knut guides salmon fishing in the river Vosso, and in the autumn he uses a lot of his time deer hunting. He has been working with Storm Adventures managing safety and logistics in several tv productions.



Thomas Hutchinson


Thomas has worked most of his professional life on helicopters in the royal Norwegian air force, including tours abroad. He has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and extensive first aid training from the military. He is an experienced outdoors-man, and spends as much time as he can in the mountains. There, his interests range from longer treks summer and winter to traditional and sports climbing, ice climbing, skiing and caving. Living above the polar circle in northern Norway he has through many years of outdoors activity gained a unique knowledge of the area and what it has to offer. He has been working with Storm managing safety and logistics in several TV productions.


Alvin Fyhn


Alvin is 34 years old and has worked most of his career in the Norwegian army. He attended the Norwegian military academy and has four years of military education.

He worked three years with avalanche rescue dogs, and 5 years with the Norwegian Army Special Operations Command.

In 2009 he quit the Army and did his EMT training. Today he is working as a Rescue man at a Rescue helicopter in the North Sea. He is also attending a two year Paramedic course.

Alvin is a highly educated and experienced military and civilian parachute instructor. He has more than 3000 parachute jumps, and about 100 BASE jumps.

Other activities are mountain climbing, Telemark and freeride skiing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, and wildlife hiking.


Stein Jørgensen


Stein has served 4 years in the norwegian army and special forces with several tours abroad. He is specialized as a combat medic and has civilian bachelor degree in nursing. Stein has two years of experience from deparment of vascular and thoracic surgery in Akershus university hospital. He is now working as a rescue swimmer in the norwegian airforce. Steins favoured activities include trekking, climbing, parachuting and alpine skiing. He has experience in managing safety and logistics in several television productions.

Tore Klokk


Tore works as an offshore safety supervisor. He has been working and training people at high, exposed places for the last 20 years and is among the most experienced in this kind of work.

Tore is an educated mountain guide from The Norwegian University of Sport. He is an experienced alpinist. Tore has studied nature science and sports and has a Bachelor degree in these subjects.

Tore has done several expeditions to the Himalayas. He climbed the West ridge of Shivling in 1991, and the Trollwall in Romsdalen in 1988. For the last 2 years Tore has been a part of the Storm crew, which has created spectacular stunts for 71° North. Tore has been supervising the rigging projects of these productions.

Among his interests are; Skiing, climbing and outdoor sports has always had the highest priority and love, and he choose to spend as much time as possible in the mountains

William Ottestad


William is a medical doctor at the department of Anesthesiology and division of emergency medicine and critical care, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål. He is for the time being aiming for a doctor’s degree in traumatology. He served 1 year

in the Norwegian Special Forces, where he gained experience

in aviation and hyperbaric medicine. William has been working

as a doctor and climber in the production of 71º North for 5 consecutive seasons.

His Interests: Climbing, both sport and big wall. Skydiving. Skiing.


Geir Haugdahl


Geir is 32 years old and has worked six years in the Norwegian army and has spent numerous of trips abroad. He is currently working at the Trøndelag fire department as a rescue diver. He also has several trips as a safety consultant for the popular TV show 71° North. His passion is outdoor in general, but skiing, kiting, diving and summer and winter climbing are the activities he likes the most.

Thomas S. Nilsen


Thomas S. Nilsen (born in 1975) is a professional outdoorsman and guide. Thomas, more or less, grew up outdoors and was on his first fishing trip before he was 1 year old and his first hunting trip when he was 6. Adding more than 10 years of military service, including officers school, combat medic training and several deployments to conflict zones in Europe and Asia, he has gained substantial experience in handling unexpected situations, operational planning and safety, leadership and arctic survival. Thomas has been working with outfitting, safety and logistics on several television productions.

Espen Simonsen


Espen has been working in the Norwegian Army and Special Forces for a total of 11 years as a squad leader, mission manager, and instructor. He has also served 2,5 years in peacekeeping missions on the Balkans. Espens managing and leader skills has come to good use in Storm where he has worked as a country manager for The Amazing Race Norway in four different countries around the world, and been handling safety and logistics as a project manager of several other projects.



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