71° North 2015

71 ° North is a Norwegian reality drama series that has been shown every year on TV Norway since the fall of 1999. The series is produced by Nordisk Film. Storm Adventures have been route and a security officer for 71 ° North since Autumn 2010. This implies a responsibility for about 60 people over 30 days from Lindesnes to the North cape.

The safety crew are at all time six people, consisting of various professionals. In addition to facilitating the implementation of all activities, Storm Adventures has the medical responsibility during the entire recording. Many of the activities we arrange requires days of preparation and rigging. If necessary, we will rent local suppliers where the activities were implemented.

71 ° North 2011 has now the most spectacular recording of the show's history. Participants were challenged in pendulum jumps from the Troll Wall and the first ascent of Norway's national mountain Stetind. For Storm Adventures this is a versatile, challenging and exciting project that we are very grateful to do.


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