71° North 2013

71 ° North is a Norwegian reality drama series that has been shown annually on TV Norway since the fall    of 1999. The series is produced by SBS Discovery. This involves a responsibility of about 60 people over 42 days from Lindesnes to the North Cape.

This year was the 15th anniversary and was celebrated with some extra efforts from the Nordic Film TV AS, SBS Discovery and Storm Adventures AS. We were on tour for six weeks which is almost a week longer  than the usual production time. Production this year was demanding with many more elements per episode and more complex activities. The highlight was at Hardangervidda, where the contestants parachuted into the mountains by themselves in a static jump. All of them passed the training jump exam, after only 10 hours of training. This season is the most spectacular in the history of 71° North… so far!


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